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Somos uma empresa de inovação digital e desenvolvimento de software que impulsionará o crescimento do seu negócio

Our services

We connect experiences, technologies and businesses. Here, we accelerate projects and intensify careers!

  • Outsourcing


    Hire qualified professionals according to the needs of your project and the technology it requires.

  • Resource Allocation

    Resource Allocation

    Deploy a IT services and increase your company's performance with efficient and quality deliveries.

  • Consulting


    We will analyze your business and through our research we will offer the best way for you to reach your goals.

Who are we

Who are we

The name Mesha was created based on the “Mesh Network” - the connection of several points that communicate with each other and form a unique high-quality Wi-Fi network, with the latest technology and high fault tolerance -. Based on this, our company has the purpose of uniting the best developers with businesses to significantly leverage results.

Like mesh-type networks, Mesha is resilient: we plan, react and adapt to market changes in order to prosper business.

With the increasing demand for technology professionals, we present ourselves to companies as a solution for the allocation of Squads, which increased your company's productivity, generate faster deliveries and better alignment in favor of a project.

It's as if each employee and each customer were a point of contact. When we connect with each other, we maintain balance and form a network with values ​​that guide us: Empathy with Satisfaction, Respect with Integrity, Boldness with Responsibility, Transparency with Profitability and Agile Culture.

The main characteristic of “Network Mesh” is to differentiate itself in the technology market and here at Mesha it is no different. We are concerned with delivering demands quickly, efficiently and high performance.

We connect skilled people to fertile businesses and provide the experience of growth and learning for everyone involved, including us as a company. Count on our ideas, innovative solutions and engagement! How can we help you today?
  • Mission


    Connect our experiences to the needs of our customers through extraordinary digital practices using intelligence and automation in the processes.

  • Eyesight


    Our goal is to develop software as products and projects that use intelligence and automation as a means, aiming to satisfy the needs of the market.

  • Values


    Empathy with Satisfaction, Agile Culture with People, Respect with Integrity, Boldness with Responsibility, Transparency with Profitability.


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