We develop
experiences that
transform business

We are a digital innovation and software development company that
will drive the growth of your business

Somos uma empresa de inovação digital e desenvolvimento de software que impulsionará o crescimento do seu negócio

Our services

From startups to large companies, we deliver intelligence on products that make everyday life easier, generating less waste, thus creating more business opportunities.

  • Planning


    Combining research, design and technology, we will help you to think about your new product and to plan its construction and launch.

  • Development


    We combine best software engineering practices, making it possible to build solutions for your business.

  • Support


    Through evolutionary maintenance we will always be monitoring your business, improving the quality of the software developed.

  • Consultancy


    We will analyze your business and through our research we will offer the best way for you to reach your goals.

Who are we

Who are we

Mesha brings in its concept the originality of the principle of things and the pioneering spirit in its essence.

Our goal is to always be ahead of our time and ready to face innovative projects associated with software development and new technologies. With an extroverted personality, in an articulate manner, with a good conversation and, mainly, without fear of entering into debates and thus using our arguments, with our spirit of courage and obstinacy, we try to defend our ideas and strive to achieve our goals, without escaping the scope for something we really believe in.

Our energy is such that we try to avoid the daily routine and when we are not creating we are exploring. For that, we count on extremely high quality talents, with a high degree of knowledge capable of accomplishing great deeds. We have the ideal know-how to create software, mobile and web applications for the most diverse segments and make integrations between platforms for the growth of your business.

We love what we do, we have determination, strength and determination and, above all, we are Mesha.

  • Mission


    Connect our experiences to the needs of our customers through extraordinary digital practices using intelligence and automation in the processes.

  • Eyesight


    Our goal is to develop software as products and projects that use intelligence and automation as a means, aiming to satisfy the needs of the market.

  • Values


    Empathy with Satisfaction, Agile Culture with People, Respect with Integrity, Boldness with Responsibility, Transparency with Profitability.


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